management, restructuring and turnaround

Enercor is the international management, restructuring and turnaround consultancy specializing in troubled, distressed or poorly performing companies




who we are

  • The international management, restructuring and turnaround boutique consultancy.
  • Specialize in troubled, distressed or poorly performing international corporate assets that require deep restructuring, turnaround, interim management and redundancies.
  • Have successful history of managing, restructuring, and taking out of troubles distressed multinational companies in various sectors with US$50M to US$1B+ revenues (with equal or larger debts) and ranging from 120 to 9.9K employees.
  • We are extremely practical, efficient and result-oriented
  • Based in London (HQ) with branches in Madrid, Hong Kong and Almaty.


International professional team with 30-years experience in distressed & special situations. HQ is in London, UK


More than 30 big international projects completed


Network of 100+ professionals with different backgrounds and knowledge

Unique team

Our international leadership team consists only of highly experiences corporate management professionals with C-level experience.

We know all areas of corporate performance such as management, finance, operation, sales, production, business development, investor relations, HR and others, previously running companies with up to US$4B of sales and up to 15K employees

Ceo & founder

Alexey Shavrov

For about 20 years we offer unparalleled, hands-on and customer-focused expertise in managing restructuring and turnaround projects.





Enercor has vast international and cross-border experience and is prepared to run projects in almost any country of the world.

Enercor has unique and flexible set-up allowing to successfully and professionally manage diverse and sometimes very complicated international projects in various industries and geographies