Special Situations and Bankruptcy

Special Situations and Bankruptcy

Our unique advantage:

Expertise in corporate conflicts mitigation, incl. among stakeholders, with suppliers etc. Ability to restore company’s performance

  • Enercor is specializing in providing daily management and performing operational improvements in companies that are:
      • Part of various Corporate conflicts
      • Part of various stakeholder related conflicts
      • Have serious problems with suppliers and customers due various issues
      • Are part of various insolvency procedures or/and part of various legal cases and situations threatening normal busines activities
  • Enercor is normally able to step in and provide for very efficient management of daily operations of the company thus preserving its value during difficult times
  • Enercor engagement gives sense of professionalism and stability to both employees, customers and suppliers as well as to employees of the company that is undergoing various temporary problems
  • Enercor is specializing in finding solutions when company has been substantially operationally damaged by various previous actions of stakeholders or suppliers or customers