Hands-on boutique consultancy tailored to resolve company’s specific immediate and long-term problems and reach practical results at shortest time possible

Brief overview

Enercor’s unique advantages:

Created and managed by very experienced top corporate and change managers covering various performance areas

Ability to directly step in into management of troubled companies where regular managers are difficult to attract
or/and uncapable to perform

Often able to multiply value
for stakeholders up to
5 times in 3 years

Up to date all previous projects exceeded expectations of stakeholders

enercor bg section

Enercor has sound international experience of projects implementations in various countries and industries, covering all possible corporate activities, from overall management, finance and administration to sales, business development, HR and number of other areas

Many of Enercor services are unique compared to traditional consultancy

our mission

Create long lasting benefits for our clients through consulting services normally resulting in direct operational involvement into their projects

our values

  • Honest and
    open attitude to
    our clients
  • Complete
  • Maintain high
  • Full dedication,
    we normally take
    only 1 project
    at the time
  • Manage
    the project in
    a cost-effective
  • Always put
    interest of clients
    ahead of ours
history bg section

Enercor traces its history back to 2002 and has proven to be one of the most efficient and unique restructuring and turnaround consultancies in number of countries with more than 30 successful international projects completed

Developing our skills and expertise over the years we are having an unparallel experience when it comes to managing distressed assets requiring quick and difficult decisions essential for the company’s or asset survival and providing for its significant future growth