Enercor tailors its services to actual clients needs and is never limited by any kind of standard offerings


Turnkey Corporate Restructuring & Turnaround

Enercor has vast experience in conducting successful redundancies in various parts of the words, such as Germany, France, Israel, USA, Japan and other countries.

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Operational and Strategic Due Diligence

Normally done for the projects that will then be managed by Enercor (or represent potential for Enercor to step in)

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Redundancies, HR & Motivational Management

Enercor has vast experience in conducting successful redundancies in various parts of the words, such as Germany, France, Israel, USA, Japan and other countries.

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Interim and Change Management

Enercor is specializing itself in providing solutions on how to run troubled business internationally.

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Performance Improvement Advisory

Professional advisory related to specific areas of the company operations

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Special Situations and Bankruptcy

Providing daily management during Bankruptcy, Insolvency or other legal cases and situations threatening the business activities

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Changes aimed at attracting investors

Support of the stakeholders at each step of the above processes

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  • Distressed
    Assets & Venture

  • HNWI and
    Family Offices

  • NPL investors,
    holders and

  • Banks &

  • Stakeholders of
    Poorly Performing

One of our fundamentals is to build long-term partnerships with clients all over the the world. Through these relationships Enercor is committed to drive our partners success

A. Shavrov, CEO & Founder

Enercor Clientele is wide range of HNWI, Family Offices, Stakeholders of Distressed or Non- Performing Assets, Banks, Non-Performing Loan holders, Distressed Assets Funds, Investment Funds

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Enercor has substantial experience in almost all areas of corporate performance and either has or capable to quickly attract the necessary professionals to address the specific project need.

Enercor unique advantage is the ability to source professionals out of the previous experience and projects that were held in various parts of the world, thus significantly saving time and money for our clients.

Enercor is normally capable to cover the following key areas of corporate performance by its own resources:

  • IT \nProcesses Automation
    • IT
    • Process Automation
  • Business Development \nStrategy
    • Business Development
    • Strategy
  • Sales and Operations \nProcurement
    • Sales and Operations
    • Procurement
  • Finance & Accounting \nInvestor Relations M&A
    • Finance
    • Investor Relations
    • M&A
  • Human Resources \nMotivational
    • Human Resources
    • Motivational
  • Legal \nArbitration
    • Legal
    • Arbitration
  • General Management
    • General Management
  • Manufacturing \nEngineering
    • Manufacturing
    • Engineering
  • Logistics \nWarehousing
    • Logistics
    • Warehousing

Enercor is capable to instantly bring best possible managerial resources to struggling or poorly performing company to boost it’s performance

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Enercor has uniquely broad industrial experience out of previous projects and is now prepared to professionally cover almost all industries

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    • Industrial
    • Machinery
    • Heavy Machinery
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    • Food Processing
    • Agriculture
    • Commodities
    • Retail and FMCG
    • Distribution
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    • Investments and M&A
    • Banking
    • Finance & Accounting
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    • Water Utilities
    • Heat Utilities
    • Waste Management
  • img
    • Real Estate
    • Hospitality
    • Hotel Chains
    • Development
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    • EPC
    • Nuclear Energy
    • Power Heat Energy
  • img
    • Automotive
    • Auto Connectivity
    • IoT
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    • Aviation Engineering
    • Passenger Airlines
    • Cargo Airlines
    • Passenger Terminals
    • Aerospace
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    • Microelectronics
    • IT Solutions
    • System Integration