Redundancies, HR & Motivational Management

Redundancies, HR & Motivational Management

Our unique advantage:

Projects in various countries, including difficult strikes and union cases. Direct contact and problem solving with demotivated personnel

  • Enercor has vast experience in conducting successful and professional redundancies in various parts of the world, such as Germany, France, Israel, USA, Japan, Russia and number of other countries
  • Enercor is experienced in various trade union conflicts and negotiations, personnel strikes and personnel related litigation
  • Enercor is able to efficiently deal with demotivated personal, manage high leave rate, resolve various personnel related issues and create new career growth paths and roles within reshaped organization
  • Enercor is very skilled in reshaping the company’s organizational structure, reshaping all roles and responsibilities and thus providing for smooth corporate restructuring process
  • All conducted redundancies are tailored to provide no damage to overall corporate performance as well as to provide for complete knowledge transfer where necessary
  • Enercor is managing redundancies directly with only very minimal local legal support thus  ensuring very cost-efficient solution to company’s stakeholders.