Changes aimed at attracting investors

Changes aimed at attracting investors

Our unique advantage:

Daily support to stakeholders at each step of the structural changes. Traditional consultancy quits after report provision

  • Many of Enercor projects require that new investor is found to support the company under restructuring or company might need to be sold as per result of the restructuring process
  • Enercor is very skilled in investor-related discussions and negotiations especially being already involved into project operationally
  • Long-term strategic plan to evaluate the new capital needs is being created as part of this process while conducting this essential investor-related communications
  • Enercor is skilled in preparation of investment Memo, Deck, and various other related documents that are important for this process
  • Our extensive contacts network and exiting relations with major investment companies, family offices and private investors is providing for the smooth search of new equity investor with best conditions possible   
  • Enercor impressive track and professional involvement sometimes is enough to pursue investors to step into equity alongside with us.