Interim and Change Management

Interim and Change Management

Our unique advantage:

Team Ready to Engage into Interim Management and/or Change Management

  • Enercor is specializing itself in providing management solutions on how to conduct  operational management for troubled or poorly performing businesses internationally
  • All Enercor team members are ready to get directly engaged in the particular company as interim management as well to quickly attract extra interim or regular management to cover specific areas of expertise
  • Enercor will find and install management much quicker than any other professional solutions provider, thus providing distressed company with an immediate support.
  • Enercor has good connections and network worldwide to source management for particular or and industry-specific tasks due to previous projects experience.
  • Enercor Interim management unlike regular management has no worktime limits and is able to work 24/7 sometimes including weekends to reach immediate and long-term goals and to provide stakeholders with outstanding results